A Chicken to go

I found myself noticing my olive oil and herb covered hands. I had just finished tressing an eight pound roaster chicken which I rubbed with oil and herbs. Pieces of salt were finding their way into the cracks under my nails making me want to dash to the sink. As I washed my hands I began to ponder on the act of cooking for my family. This meal was not meant for my family to enjoy. We fondly enjoy a nice roasted chicken with lots of root vegetables on the side any time of year. It's one of those meals that EVERYONE looks forward to eating. Roasted herbed chicken is my family's comfort food. The one meal once put in front of all who sit around our table will eat. Eating a meal without complaint is an achievement. If you doubt my words just ask anyone who has a toddler in their home.

Which is why I find myself always choosing this meal to give. I make it for the dear women in my life who have brought a new baby home and are so very weary and very much in need of a fine supper for their family. I may become somewhat of a broken record with my constant giving of this meal but I know it just can't go wrong. Meals for others can't go wrong. So many of the women I take this meal to have little ones to feed. Little ones who are highly selective as to what they will eat. Being tired with a newborn AND trying to get picky toddlers to eat can be challenging.

So there I am again making a meal that will be a bit of a surprise and a bit much. A meal made from scratch with care can be an amazing comfort. Something whole not from a box or requiring a microwave to cook it in. I think those are the meals that are the most nourishing. They nourish our bodies and our hearts. There are pieces of that cook in each meal. Even a trace of personality. You partake in that meal and somehow it seems like that they are there with you sharing in that moment of your life. Breaking bread. Sharing friendship. Passing on pieces of love to our dear friends. All in a meal. It's just so fantatic.

With my hands washed and ready to go I am on to the next step of my meal preparation. As the chicken cooks I'll begin to peel some potatoes, carrots, and onions. They will be tossed with some olive oil and seasonings to be roasted alongside the chicken. A whole grain rice pilaf will be simmering on the stove and then there's still a salad and maple vinegrette to assemble. It won't be long until all these pieces will be tucked into my basket for delivery.

For all the work what do I get out of this you ask. I get to see dear friends so relieved to have a meal on the table, I get to give them a big congratulatory hug, and take a look at the new little person they have. As they check out the meal I get to hold that baby taking in that newborn baby goodness. Holding that baby seeing the joy in my friend's eyes are totally worth the time in my kitchen.


Anonymous said…
What a beautiful post! I find that it nourishes the cook's soul, too, when we take the time to slowly and methodically made meals like this. Its soothing to chop vegetables, patiently stir and wait for a couple of hours for a meal to develop. Taking the time to do this one thing and not fit it in with the million other things we need to do is a beautiful thing to do. That does it. We're having a roast tonight.

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