It's funny how plans change so quickly. There was a BIG plan to head to the land of snow over the weekend for some cross-country skiing. We delayed the trip because the weather proved to be bitterly cold with high winds. We have skied colder days but not with a little one under the age of 5. While we waited the Mister was anxiously awaiting a warmer day. Just when we settled on going west for New Year's Day our plans were thwarted.

Adelynn began her spiral into sickness on Saturday afternoon. Once the fever took hold I knew she was not just suffering from a bout of teething pain. By bedtime she was in a miserable state. Sad, hot, cranky. She had a lousy next day. Adelynn was sick and didn't want to do anything but lay on Mama or Daddy. She managed to eat a little bit and was taking in fluids which helped keep her fever under control. By Sunday night it was clear she was not well. The next to get sick was Daddy. He woke in the middle of the night feeling terrible. With two sick ones to take care of this house was a flurry of tissues and tea. Then Leah got sick. So there it was the cold or likely the flu had found its way into our home. The last two standing are holding on to our health. I think Olivia might be next as she was a tad bit stuffy and offered a hint of a cough before heading off to school today. I on the other hand refuse to be sick. Someone has to keep the place in order. I know mind over matter is not going to prevent me from becoming sick but it's all I can do for now.

Today Adelynn has finally began to recover. Her fever broke yesterday afternoon which resulted in a complete change in her attitude. She is still cranky but EVERYTHING no longer sets her off. That I'll tell you is a relief. Toddlers are quite demanding emotional beings which can make anyone crazy when they are healthy. Being uncomfortable and not knowing what to do to feel better was making her so sensitive. I was admittedly feeling overwhelmed. Trying to attend to the other sick ones while being followed around by an upset toddler was difficult. She needed me to sit for hours while I needed to do that AND take care of Keith and Leah AND keep up with the chores. Laundry and dishes have been my focus. I never realized how many dishes get used up for just tea and soup.

We're still taking it easy, staying home, drinking plenty of tea, eating lots of chicken noodle soup, and reading many books. The slower paced days have been nice for catching up on some knitting. I might be able to finish a few of those projects I've been working on. I'd like to make a dent in that knitting basket. So far two projects have come off my needles in 2 days. I have plenty of other projects at halfway points which are perfect for these slow days. Leah spied a rainbow hat from two winters ago that I abandoned for something else. I think she wants me to get that hat finished so that she can wear it. I have to focus on the next baby project...another friend had a baby yesterday! A week early! Oh I better get on that baby vest.  


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