Science Project times 2

Having a fifth grade student and a sixth grade student means that there are two required science projects to complete this year. It also means that from this point forward there will be two science projects every year. The month of February is the science project month. Both girls will need to have their projects completed by then for grading.

Leah began the process for her project in the fall. Part of the seventh grade science program is to incorporate the scientific process into the curriculum. She wrote up a project plan in class which was submitted before Thanksgiving. There is some more tweaking to the process but overall she is ready to go. We will be performing the project next week. This week is about collecting the materials and setting up a location for her experiment. I have noticed that she will need a little tutorial on conversion factors. We'll need to review how to convert teaspoons to grams. I'm going to also have her work on some background research. She completed a limited amount to meet the project requirements thus far but I can see that the final report will require far more than she has done.

Olivia's project is at the beginning point. Her assignment was sent home yesterday. She will need to think about something she would like to question. I have plenty of ideas but finding one that fits Olivia's personality will require far more thought than a simple brain storm.

After they have completed their experiments and submitted them for grading I'll write a post about the projects. Until then we'll be busy finalizing our assignments.


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