Dos Milos

The past two months have been a flurry of activity for me. There's that whole holiday crunch time that keeps many of us quite busy and then there's the school projects that seem to keep on coming. In between all of that I have somehow managed to keep up with some knitting projects. I'm even baffled by it. Usually I have to tuck my needles out of sight so I won't dream about my projects.

So here we are into February and I'm still going strong with the knitty goodness. I began my most recent projects back in December. All garments for babies. I love baby knits. They are super cute AND quick projects to knit giving me that sooner than later gratification I desire. I chose to knit a vest for one of my friends' newborn boy. The blue one ended up too big. I blame that on the yarn. I wanted to find a reason to use my Madeline Tosh vintage in Well Water blue for a little project. The sweater became too large which meant I ran out of yarn before I could finish the bottom. ::sigh:: With a new skein in hand it was clear to me that when it comes to hand dyed yarn always buy more. Needless to say the new skein was slightly bluer and added a visual change to the sweater.

Since that sweater was a bust not really worthy of a gift I opted to use it for my girl Adelynn. She loves it. I love it. Such a perfect little sweater to toss on a toddler for added warmth without causing the distress of feeling too bulky from a sleeved sweater. She hates having her arms restrained even if that means an extra layer for keeping warm. Oh toddlers they are so fickle. My next attempt at the Milo was with the Madeline Tosh merino in Thyme. Still larger than I wanted but certainly smaller it ended up perfectly.

Side by side you can see the size difference between the two. The Blue vest is a 24 month size and the Green vest is a 12 month size. When I finished my friend's sweater Adelynn assumed it was another vest for her! See I told you she loves this vest. Maybe I'll knit one up for her in pink or purple or even something with a little sparkle. We are seeing more princess moments with her as of late so I can see all things glitter in my future.


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