On being Busy

When you are two years old busy isn't just a simple adjective that describes you. It becomes more of a mantra.

Being busy for the sake of being busy seems to be the point of a two year old. They are so full of expectations of being fully a part of this world that there is little time for being un-busy. Countless things to see, try, experience. Toddlers have an amazing ability to venture into an activity with enormous joy. Always pleased to play they are perfectly happy to enjoy the toy at hand. Each toy begins a new lesson of fun.

The happy accident of discovering new to them items has me constantly in awe. One minute spinning around in circles while holding a bear singing along to a song stuck in their head to the next minute of taking a needed pause to sort out the spinning only to discover that over turned box of blocks waiting to be touched. The whirlwind of activity has a mother constantly tidying up the trail left behind. I had forgotten how much clutter can remain behind a busy toddler. There are days, many, many, days where I think I'll never see the end of the piles of things all over the place. And let me tell you for a deeply organized person like me this is a difficult vision to witness. My inner self deeply desires orderly rooms. But.....I love seeing the where play takes my children.

My balance comes in telling that overly tense organized for insane reasons internal self to relax and enjoy these moments. Let the toys and things scatter all around. Dance when the music plays sing some songs. Be joyful with the children. We may be sitting in the midst of chaos but the busy business of play is all around filling our hearts with calm and pulling our faces into great big smiles.


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