REady set CRAFT

March is national craft month. Crafters all over are getting their hands busy creating something wonderful. Every March I get all excited about lining up various craft projects. seems to interfere with all my delightful plans. Nevertheless I'm going to TRY to make something new every week.

I doubt that I'll be able to knit something new every week. As is in a new project that will be difficult. Considering that I have 30 different projects underway beginning a new knitted item would be silly. That means I'll have plenty of crafty goodness to catch up on with knitting. I'll dabble in those long forgotten projects but I'm also going to try some new crafting projects. How about some painting? Maybe some more doodle stitching. Collages! Yes! Love the collages. Or there's that quilt or two lurking on my sewing table that needs attention too. Oh the possibilities are endless.

March is going to be FUN. What are you going to create?


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