Oh Snow Again!

A few days ago I was lamenting to myself about the end of wearing our woolen warmies. Hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, socks and sweaters were on their way out to be packed away for the next two seasons.

And then.......

Just like that we get another big snow. I should define big snow for these parts of Virginia as being 2-4 inches. For us that's such a great storm. Plenty of snow to make an assortment of creations. Never one to miss any snow play even Daddy made time to get out there. He built two very large snowmen in the back yard. About 30 minutes later those snowmen toppled over. After shoveling our very long driveway he and Leah worked hard to make a cabin out of snow. It was quite a construction. The cabin was large enough for the children get inside. Which in turn caused all the kids on the street to pay it a visit. In a group effort the children and neighbor kids have been working hard all day to improve on the cabin. Since the snow always melts fast they are furiously working to harvest snow from anyplace possible. It cracks me up to see them dragging a sled full of snow from down the street.

This snow will keep the big girls busy outside all day. Adelynn went out earlier to test out the cabin but since she prefers NOT to wear mittens her time outdoors is limited. She lasted 30 minutes before the sound of hot chocolate drew her indoors. My plan for her to take a nap is falling apart. After an hour of her being in and out of her bed I know it's not going to happen. When we took her out of the crib over the weekend I knew naptime was going to be tricky. Maybe she'll crash later on but that snow may prove to be needing another visit.

Never did I think I'd be having piles of wet snow pants, gloves, mittens, hats, socks, boots, coats and scarves all over the floors. Oh what a way to kick off Spring Break!


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