Sophisticated boy sweater

The sweater is done. It has been done for some time now. I'm really lousy at writing about projects in a timely manner. I'm mostly just lazy in that way.

Or not.

Lazy is so unmusical a word so perhaps I was just busy?

I've been very busy. Very, very busy. I'm also not very eager to sew buttons on garments. Actually I have only a minor problem with sewing buttons. It seems I'm not the best at doing so when it comes to knitted garments. Lack of practice which is why I often procrastinate the sewing of buttons portion of my projects. After weeks, ok two months, of seeing this nearly complete button-less sweater taunt me on my desk I finally cracked on. When I was knitting this sweater I knew in advance that my less than eager button sewing skills were going to delay the completion. Rather than sew on the four buttons as instructed in the pattern I chose to turn this sweater into a three button sweater jacket. I daresay the three button jacket does flatter men in all sizes so why not a little baby man too? Well that and I'm sewing on one less button. A win all around I say.

Isn't it just adorable? This sweater is certainly fit for a cute young chap. I can't wait to give this sweater to my dear friend for her baby boy. You can see the green tissue paper the sweater is setting on. I managed to snap a picture before stuffing the sweater into a sack before I set out to the luncheon where I was going to be joining my dear friend. Nothing like a little guilty motivation to complete a project. Besides my aversion to sewing on buttons I loved knitting this sweater. I highly recommend it as a gift choice for baby boys. I'm looking forward to seeing this on little baby P very soon.

Pattern: Baby Sophisticate
I used Lion Brand's super-wash merino cashmere yarn in grey. My Ravelry notes can be found here: Nitrorockets/baby-sophisticate


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