Tidy time

Oh spring you have a way of making me want to clean like a maniac. And then ditch everything to run outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Maybe I'm not the only one that feels that sort of obligation mixed with carpe diem. It's only natural. I can see that the birds are well on their way to getting the nesting finalized so that the home will be ready for the new brood.

Me well, I just want to be able to use the basement family room for more than the toy pit it happens to be at the moment. I suppose that's the way things are in our homes filled with children. There are just things constantly scattered around. I love seeing the ways my girls use our every day items to create fantastic pieces to their games. But...it's the clean up that seems to dwell heavy on my task list. Sure they are pretty good at clean up. We have worked so hard on that concept. It's really a matter of too much carpe diem lately. I too am partaking in it too much.

As I ponder ways to tidy up around all of them seem to involve work. Funny isn't it how problem solving involves doing something. I'd like one of those trap doors where I can shove stuff in there and "ta-da" all clean. Clearly I watched far too many Looney Tunes cartoons. Evidently those cartoons had been inspired by parents who had the same issues. That gives me some comfort. After 40 plus years all parents seem to want the same basic things. While I can't install a trap door I can shove our stuff in the storage room and hope those shoemaker's elves drop by and decide to give a lending hand.


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