Bloody (nose) Thursday

You know the day is going to be awesome when your two year old gives herself a bloody nose. There are about 100 cool ways to get a bloody nose none of which happened to my Adelynn. Well, ok, it was sort of cool but not I started a bar fight cool. With a day of very little planned I was quite surprised that it ended up being more exciting than my typical get the laundry done Thursday.

The Mister's birthday is coming up this Monday. He loves carrot cake and every year I make one for his birthday. I'm not talking from a box kind of carrot cake. No, no box, no short cuts. It's the real deal carrot cake made from shredded carrots and love. Around here we have plenty of love but not carrots. Every Thursday the local farmers market is set up in town. I decided that we needed to go find excellent carrots for our birthday cake making this weekend. By the time we were ready to head out to the farmers market it was 10am.

In Hobbit world that means it is time for second breakfast, elevenses, or first lunch what ever you call it the little person needed to be fed. Since I was thinking of just breakfast for me I sought the fridge for some leftovers. I spied two sliders that needed to be eaten. Little did I know how thrilling heating up two small cheeseburgers are to toddlers. After I asked Adelynn if she'd like a cheeseburger she ran with such velocity towards the kitchen and me with the sandwiches on a plate that I did not anticipate the outcome. In her haste to get to the cheeseburger she tripped over her shoes and flew two feet crashing face first into the cabinets.

She was a mess of tears and pain. After calming down I thought all was well. We sat down ate our food had a nice chat and then the bloody nose showed up. I was thankful for her love of ketchup which I was able to say was all over her face. The good news is that the bloody nose was mild and I was able to get it to stop quickly. But that did not make me feel any better. We all want to blame ourselves when our little ones get hurt and truly Adelynn's wipe out was totally unexpected. Maybe it's just the bloody nose that is bothering me. I doubt I'd be fretting as much if she had scraped her knee. What is it about the nose that makes a mother so sensitive?

Trying to keep my day in order we pressed on to the farmer's market. Her nose turned out to be just fine. No more blood no more pain. We looked at the beautiful vegetables, flowers, and other goodies. Kids were running around as part of a school field trip to see the wonders of a farmer's market which I think is fantastic. School kids should come to places like this to see the farmers to talk to them. Learning. Simply learning about growing food from the source. I found a few treats to take home. The carrots were enormous! That was funny to see such large carrots. The perfect size for shredding. I found some beautiful strawberries that just had to come home with us. Surprisingly they made it home without Addie and I eating them all. I didn't need many other vegetables so we just spent time looking around. I chose some sturdy herbs from a favorite farmer. Then I was swayed to buy those beautiful white potatoes from a new to me farmer. I was glad those potatoes caught my attention if not I would have missed seeing those poblano and ancho pepper plants. Poblano! Ancho! Pepper plants I've been dreaming about for 2 summers. Now I can grow my own. Happy happy joy joy! Yes I may be far too thrilled about those peppers but people you just do not know how important they are to this Southwestern at heart girl.

With carrots, berries, potatoes, herbs, and peppers in hand we went home to get those plants in the ground. By the time we came home the balmy heat kicked in. Oh a taste of summer heat has finally arrived. Now if it would only stop raining we could get to enjoy that sunshine.


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