Jam it strawberry style

Yesterday I made my first batch of strawberry jam. First batch. It's unbelievable but true. For seasons I have been saying to myself that I'd make some fantastic strawberry jam. And then....it never happens. We miss the picking season. We ate all the berries. I was too busy. Those pesky strawberry rhubarb pies kept being made. Whatever the reason the jam just never happened.

Not this year. I would not let another year of strawberry picking go jam-less. I made certain to reserve some strawberries for jam. Oh the complaints I heard. The fear of not having enough pie or strawberry shortcakes or ice cream. We survived. After we picked our berries I spent an afternoon slicing the strawberries into the exact amount required for 1 batch of jam. The work and endless complaints was totally worth it. We have the very best of the strawberry season sitting on my counter waiting to be eaten. I daresay these jars will be horded. Although I did give some to a few lovely ladies because even though I like to think we can eat 10 jars of jam I know that's crazy.
 The strawberry season is not quite over we have a few more weeks to go. I'd like to make another batch of jam possibly explore a strawberry rhubarb combination. I do fancy experimentation. In the meantime I'm taking delight in my daily jam and toast snack. I had forgotten how absolutely wonderful it is to enjoy homemade jam.  


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