New Heartbeat

Spring in Virginia is full of beauty. The flowers are blooming and the trees finally come alive after being so quiet all winter long. By June vegetable gardens are under way. Everything is growing becoming beautiful. Summer will be full of all sorts of growth including my belly.

An appointment at my doctor a month ago confirmed what I suspected was the reason for being so tired and so ill. We are expecting our fourth baby this winter. There is much surprise and excitement passing around these parts. The older girls are thrilled. They have learned to love everything special that comes with having a new baby in the house. Adelynn on the other hand still has no clue what we are talking about because as far as she is concerned she IS the baby. No worries she'll catch on in time and learn to be just excited about a new sibling. We have plenty of adjusting to find the space for the next little one to come home. Two of the girls will need to share a room for a bit. At this point the younger two like the idea. So do I because I know all too well the importance of a 13 year old girl's need of some solitude.

There is much to do around here. We have plenty of de-cluttering for room shifting. Then there is all the baby knits to get under way. Maybe some sweaters this time. I have plenty of hats but sweaters will certainly be needed in December. It's going to be a very busy summer indeed.


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