Paris Trip day 4: Early departure

We didn't get much time in Paris today. Our 6am two hour flight to Copehagen put a damper on any options for us to squeeze out anything else. Taking a car to the airport gave us a little tour of the city at night but otherwise it was a blur.

We spent 3 hours at the airport where we found out that there are specific place you cannot sleep. I was a very grumpy tired pregnant lady who just wanted to rest. Rules who needs em? Thankfully my very patient and loving husband found places for me to rest. I also won the prize for the pre-flight pat down. The security staff were nice and I could tell that the last person they wanted to pat down was a pregnant woman. Keeping it safe for the rest of us.

The 8 hour flight to Washington was painful. Airplane seats are lousy. Bonus I did not throw up on either flight. I didn't have much of an appetite. No matter how you look at it the idea of a meal on a plane is nice but the food is not very good. I did like the salad. More fruit would have been a nice addition too.

We were so glad to be home. I'm beyond exhausted. It was wonderful to wrap my arms around my girls. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.


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