books she loves

There are several books that have been night time favorites but these four have been in constant rotation for over a month.

Madeline Adelynn loves the brave spunky heroine.

Brave Potatoes We love the rhyming word play it is such a pleasure to read out loud.

The Magic Hat Another fun rhyming book it's her favorite from this author. (The other books by this author do not have fun rhyming.)

Pinkalicious Adelynn's current favorite book.

The Busy Beaver Very cute and very funny. It has a good lesson about making better choices and being responsible.

Some of the books I enjoy reading to her others I prefer that would somehow turn up missing. Despite my preference I like how much Adelynn enjoys her stories. Typically the minimum we read are three books often we are reading 30 minutes every night. How can you say no to an eager two year old? It's always more stories. She is currently focused on the Pinkalicious book. Not my favorite story. Far from a favorite. No matter how much we try to distract her she really wants to read that story. Phases of obsession. They shall pass but we always make certain that she is hearing a story that Mom or Dad chooses.


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