Focus pocus

Pregnancy has a way of making my thoughts scattered. This annoys me. It is tremendously bothersome for a organized person such as myself to endure. Go ahead you can throw me a pity party I probably deserve it. Despite my daily struggle with keeping it together in my head summer has its way of giving the same affect. Being outside of the routine has caused me and the children to let our attention swing in different directions.

What is it about summer that makes me want to start 2 dozen new projects? There's that garden plot to re-arrange, the bird houses to paint, mending to do, clutter to sort, paintings to complete, learning toys to make, knitting to start (ahem) finish, collages to begin, quilts to finish, fruit to put up, rooms to rearrange........Oh my!

I am under this insane assumption that by having the children home during the summer means that they will somehow assist me with working on those tasks. For some reason I always neglect to remember that they are far too busy just being kids playing all day long. As it goes. My list of distractions will grow as my scattered thoughts continue. The way I see it the building list of projects means that I will have plenty of choices to eliminate boredom. Boredom for me and boredom for the children.

True to my current state of distracted thoughts on to my next thought. I have been made aware of a certain two year old who has a new talent. Her talent is climbing furniture to reach high up things. This she learned from her sister who claims that she does not climb furniture "often". Nice qualifier there, eh? We are trying to prevent any further circus acts from unfolding throughout the house. The only benefit of a two year old climbing everything is that it's in their nature to be unaware of how sound travels. At least my ears are still in good working order. To reduce the temptation for climbing I've been cruising the house to remove any items that would encourage her to reach them. I know that no matter how awesome I think I am being by looking for temptations that she will find something else to want.

Meanwhile I need to pack for four girls. I know this is going to be far more bothersome each time I do it because the big girls are getting older and want to wear certain things. I give them a list with general items that need to be brought and at this point I really just want them to be clothed. For important events like a wedding or Mass I get to say but otherwise they are fine to decide on an outfit. Except for Olivia often requires a little toning down. Her and the pattern choices can be.....much. I had intended on packing up the bags neatly because that's what people with borderline OCD issues do but my lack of time is resulting in another result. I folded my clothes and Adelynn's clothes but I just dumped the big girls' stuff into their duffel bag and zippered it shut. I'm hoping for the best in that they actually followed my list everything they need to bring is in there. If not we'll have to manage.

I debated about getting more special diet cat food before we left. I didn't. I hope this cat does not all the sudden decide to go on an eating binge. If so he'll have to be portioned out in leaner servings. There's always the canned diet food which smells like dead things and even he does not want to eat it. That's the last resort and I'm wondering how many dead critters will be waiting for us when we get back.


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