We took a drive over to Rocky Mountain National Park. The plan was to get in a few hikes and capture as much on film as possible. Plus we were hoping to see some wildlife. I think we managed to get that all complete. There is so much to do at RMNP that we could have spent a week there exploring. A day was plenty for us as our vacation is full of many things yet to do.

Mountain Sheep Ewe along the road way heading into the park.

We were only able to get in one hike before the rain set in. We took as many pictures as we could.

Outside the restaurant 8,150 feet.

On top of the mountain it was super cold. Some rain, a little wind, low temperatures made for a chilly day outside. 

A marmot checking out the hikers.

Keith getting a look of the mountains from the top of the rocks.

Bighorn Sheep Ram! Not an easy sight to get especially in a busy park. These guys are very elusive and tend to take cover for fear of being hunted. (No hunting in the park) Four rams were by the road munching on grass while a Ranger stood watching them to make sure no one would bother them.

Some Elk taking break in the grass.

The girls loved posing on rocks for us.


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