August train coming thru!

I don't know about you, maybe it's me, but does this August seem to be fuller, busier, more? I don't remember August being so busy. I feel like there is so much to do and so much we have done. Maybe it's that just before school starts crunch time that makes it seem like the month is closing in on us.

Whatever it is I'm not fond of the feeling. Regardless on my perception of the month I still have tons to do every day.

Our mission to re-organize has been going well. I think of any organization plan including an on the cusp of teenage-hood girl's room is going well when any progress has been made. Although we are not quite complete with the bedroom re-do we have made significant progress is seeing the evidence that there still is a floor under the mess. She was a champ sorting out her clothes and shoes taking the time to think about what she needs to keep. There are a few more things to clear out such as her desk area. I loathe that part. It's on the list for the week and by force it must get done since she needs that desk to start writing those two 8th grade book reports due the first week of school. I'm still refurbishing an old mirror to convert her current suitable desk into a desk-vanity space. Our bedrooms are reasonably sized which is great but it also means that we need to be frugal with our use of space. She picked out pictures in magazines for inspiration so we're going to make the best of space and the junk in our basement to make her ideal room.

On the pantry and laundry room re-do I spent the weekend getting them in order-ish. They were easy to complete because they have limited space. I'm waiting for 2 more shelves to be installed in the laundry room. Two shelves that are going to make a big difference for storage. The pantry got a lift by having some door shelves installed. That freed up some space. Not quite the magic I was hoping for; I really need some sort of Mary Poppins bag that can be turned into a pantry option in this house. Really really could use that type of magic. I have a few more cabinets to sift through including the one that has become known as the "sprinkles" cabinet. I'm not kidding when I say this but I do have a cabinet devoted to sprinkles. This is why I have problems. The only way to get rid of them is to just use those 4,000 bottles of sprinkles on baked goods. I suppose a cupcake/cookie party is in order.

Still the basement storage room has been avoided. I can think of about 100 other things I'd rather do than tackle that pit. I've prepared myself by making this Thursday the day of dread. We're going in there and getting stuff out of the house. At the very least if we can open the door without getting nearly killed by stuff falling on us then that's an achievement. The big motivator is knowing I have stuff that can be used in the girls' bedrooms buried somewhere in there. If not for that I'd bag it all up and toss it in the van for the donation center.

Today I plan. Today I avoid. Today is almost over so I'm going to do some non-organizing of things. I'm going to knit.


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