Paci Blues

I admit it, I'm weak. We have a nearly three year old who is still very much attached to the pacifier. Ugh. It makes me batty to see her desperate need (is it a need at this age?) to a pacifier. We have been trying to take them away for months. Every time we get close to elimination we hit a set back. Now we need to get serious. We have gotten serious. That being serious has made the last week pretty lousy.

I knew it would be a tough journey trying to eliminate her dependence. The upcoming school year is a time for big changes. As parents we have agreed that now is the best time to break our darling littlest daughter of her last bit of babyhood. I also am quite gifted at choosing the absolute WRONG time to do such life changing events. Poorly timed with the first soccer tournament of the season and another trip has made the process more difficult.

I'm stressed. She's stressed.

Between the tears and outbursts I feel like I need the pacifier more than she does. ::Sigh::

Still we press on. A few more days to go and then I will be comfortable saying that we have paci-free toddler. The next few days will continue to be long but we are over the worst which means that by next month she will no longer have a need for her pacifier. A big step for this little one who is holding ever to tightly to her babyhood.


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