I have been working on organizing for the past 2 weeks. Each day there are little things I work on to get the projects complete. Frustration is a word to describe the progress I'm making. For my personality I want to get these projects finished much faster than they have been coming along. High expectations are a big problem of mine. I expect so much out of myself that I forget how fast a day can get away from you. Some days I never know where all that time goes. Putting aside my disappointment in magically getting everything done today has been hard. Knowing that I have a few months to do so much before baby #4 arrives just makes me more tense. Nothing like a nesting mama with a type A personality to make for an obsessive personality.

Part of Leah's room change required a little crafting project. She wants a mirror in her room. Correction she wants a vanity in her room. As much as I love the idea of a vanity in her room (It was one of my dream pieces when I was a girl her age too.) it will not be very practical in her room. I suppose in the long run a vanity could be used as a desk but since we already have a nice desk made by her father in her room I thought that we could get her that wish item but keep the desk. I found a mirror that would be suitable for the space above her desk. It needs some paint and then it will be fabulous. I began working on painting it when we ran into a problem. I asked the girls to put the mirror in another location to dry. Being kids they were not as careful as I imagined they would be. Hours later I discovered that when they moved the wet mirror for me they didn't think to keep the newspaper from touching the wet paint. With a frown I inspected the little set back. It turned out to be not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. I did have to use much patience to pick and peel off the pieces of newspaper stuck to the mirror. I got as much as I could removed but there was some pieces of paper that were not going to budge. I considered starting all over. Sanding the whole mirror and then repainting. That's when I decided that I'd forget about starting over. I pressed on. I chose a new shade of white to paint over the first coat. Three coats later the mirror looks good. I have some detail work to finish before it's ready to go on the wall. Leah has been very eager to get that mirror up. She's not the only one. I want my kitchen table back. One more day of drying is all. Not that I tried to time it for her birthday but it's looking like that's when we can have the mirror in her room.

Our office needed a once or thrice over. Rather than ignoring the mess I finally set to work. Under all those papers and dust I managed to find more room. I also found an excessive amount of paperwork to scan. Sigh. Oh yeah. All of those school papers, projects, reports cards, awards and stuff that I figured I would get to "later" were forgotten. I piled them up into a large stack that still needs some sorting. I had at one time separated the school papers by kid and school year but over time I think that has come undone. I may not have time to sort through those papers this week but I did put that enormous stack up front on the desk to haunt me for the next week. I found more school supplies lurking on those shelves which is wonderful. I tossed those supplies into the big girls' school supply bins on the office floor. In two weeks we'll go through the bins and figure out what else they need. Their open house won't be until the 28th so this task will be on hold until we can visit the school and get our hands on the "extras" lists posted outside the classroom doors.

And then there's a birthday cake. How is it that I had planned for over a week when to bake it and today I nearly forgot to do so?! I did remember in time to get the cake baked but I didn't check to see if I had any eggs on hand. A quick shopping trip later and the cake was in the oven. Tomorrow we'll finish it up. I don't want to have it done when the birthday girl is wandering around. She's very excited about her cake. Me too. It's going to be so yummy. I haven't made this cake in such a long time that it is going to be a great treat for her.

So much more to do before tomorrow. We have a big birthday tomorrow. A teenager to be!


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