Summer spins

So far this week has been crazy busy. Returning home from vacation has its way of making a week full. On top of that the week being the one before school begins and it just becomes full. I had to ignore the mound or laundry spilling out from my laundry room most of this week. Every day I kept saying "Oh tomorrow I'll toss in a load" thinking that if I had just stuck to that one load a day plan I'd make some progress. After that first load the laundry remained.

I never expected the week to pass as quickly as it did nor did I expect my task list to triple each day. Here I am facing the end of the busy portion of the week and I can't even fathom how I have managed to keep my energy up. Well, Ok, I do know why, the household chores have sort of, umm well them have been avoided, erm, put off. The dishes have been consistently washed because let's face it we have to eat but other than that the rest have gone into hibernation. I know I'll be paying for it next week but by then I should have less things to do requiring a deadline.

On Monday I called a local pre-school program inquiring about availability. I fully anticipated no more space being available but hoped for the best. Good thing I called because there was a last minute change and a space became open. We were not sure if now was a good time to send Addie to pre-school but after the last two weeks it became very clear that it was time. She has become so interested in school that based on her personality and high social need sending her to school is the right thing to do. I thought about homeschooling her but as my days of increased belly growth I have realized that I may not have the energy to devote to a structured homeschool program. I may supplement but at least I do not feel the pressure of it being all on me when I'm nearing the due date. Since we stepped in late to the pre-school program my calendar filled up faster. Instead of 1 orientation I have 2. Instead of 2 batches of school supplies I now have 3. Granted most of the middle school supplies were bought weeks ago there were a handful of extras that we needed to get because "later" a few weeks ago seemed like a great time saving idea.

Medical forms, school forms, forms, forms, forms. So many forms to fill out, update, file, confirm. Oh my. Paperwork is more work than I ever remember. Between my meetings, orientations, soccer practices, paperwork, school supply quests, oil changes, and doctor appointments we have a soccer tournament to prepare for this weekend.

Head spinning. Feet ache.

Where has our summer gone?


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