Terrific Threes

It all started with a late summer cold and an adorable two year old blond girl. It ends with a grouchy two year old blond girl.

Somewhere in the last week I have misplaced my precious girl. Not physically. We never lost her. She has always been here. She is still our very precious Adelynn it's just that her emotional changes have created a bit of strife with the family. If I have not had the experience of being a seasoned parent I would be confused. You are told of the terrible twos but what I have learned is that it is the age of three where I encounter the biggest change in my children. The crushing wave of emotional changes comes at us parents in such force it's overwhelming. I'm spending most of my day trying to prevent her outbursts over trivial things that even I'm becoming emotional.

There is no clear answer of when this toddler's emotional roller coaster will end. All I know is that I have to take each as it comes with as much patience as I can maintain. And chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate therapy.


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