What a two year old says

Little ones do come up with most interesting statements. Add in a few expressions and descriptions of things and you have a good amount of entertainment every day. Although she has countless fantastic expressions the few she uses weekly stick in my mind.

Adelynn has been talking non-stop for a year but the conversations have been on since February. This is where we learn so much about this little girl. Over time she has developed her own way of describing situations and things she encounters. I love it. I love it all.

"You make me crazy" is often directed at Olivia because Olivia can be quite crazy-dramatic in her actions. All in hilarity of course but even the two year old can see it.

"My Mission" refers to the small Notre Dame "Play like a champion today" flag she carries around. I have no idea why she decided to call it her mission but her Dad is thrilled that she has become fond of this flag and its mission. I love the interesting meaning behind her referring to it as a mission.

When she tells us there is a "mountain in my nose" that means she has boogers jammed up there. Usually she says this seconds before fishing them out herself. I prefer the new phrase instead of the old booger reference.

Our favorite by far is the most recent addition. Her way of describing passing gas is "I burped in my pants" followed by the very polite "excuse me" has us laughing hysterically every time.

I know I'm forgetting about some others but as I have learned there will be more to hear from her little mind. That is the best part. Waiting for the next funny idea she shares with us making us laugh a little harder and love her even more for the personality she is developing.


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