Things we do

I've been thinking about all the silly every day things that go on around here. Some are typical and others are clearly a result of our personalities. Many I never consider much, it's just us and our preferences.

Adelynn has been so busy playing. Play consumes her day. Playing with others and by herself. She loves to run around outside with her sisters and the other neighborhood children. The freedom of outdoor play bring joy to them all. Most of her day is spent alone where she is brimming with imagination. Her little games are quite something to watch. I have been consistently surprised with her broad choices in how to use her toys. Dolls, cars, stuffed animals, toy kitchen, and a doctor's kit have been the items in use this week.

Olivia has been taking time to do art. She takes her paper and pencils to the basement where she watches a movie while creating. I have been finding cutouts of these bits all over the place. I'm not sure what the purpose is but I do love seeing her creations. Outside she is coming up with new games to play. Hand soccer has been the focus this week. Basically a combo of soccer and rugby it has become a big hit with other kids. Adelynn likes to "play" too and the running of people all over the yard makes it a fun game for all ages and skills. Dressing up with Adelynn is another big favorite of Olivia's. Those two can come up with such amazing stories.

Leah has been working hard to keep in good practice with her viola. Choosing to work alone she has been making time to get her larger instrument more comfortable to use. Indoor activities have been limited these days. Always one to take advantage of being outdoors she has been finding ways to be active outside. She too is a fan of hand soccer which is not surprising since it does look like fun. Taking an interest in making friendship bracelets. Floss can be found all over but I know that she is working on countless designs.

Daddy has been training. He has a marathon to run this month so all of his free time has been spent getting into long distance running shape. I have been so impressed with his hard work. A few 5ks here and there but running 13 miles?! He has been running 10+ miles about 38 miles a week. Very impressive.

Let's see that leaves me. Knitting is always my goal. Still trying to finish several projects I'm not getting much done. The heat has its way of making knitting seem too much to do. As for other projects I need to focus on the late summer season has for ever been a time to plan canning goals. The big must do every summer is our peach jam. Tradition? Perhaps but I'd say it's a matter of our craving that tasty jam that motivates me. For a few years....ok so three now I have promised Leah we'd make that plumeach jam the summer before Adelynn was born. So that is the number one jam we will work on this time. Outside of the kitchen but still food related is the garden. We spent some time working on clean-up. The next crop needs to get going. Inside I have encountered a dilemma. I discovered about 200 other things in my craft area I want to work on. Perhaps now is the time to enlist the help of the big girls on some of those projects. Everyone needs a new hobby. Well at least I'll have plenty to do this winter.


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