2 down 4 to go

Two days. The dreaded trip to China has finally arrived. The Mister has been gone 2 days and it feels twice as long. I knew it would be a tough week. Too bad that this business trip happened to be for the week that is one of the most busy ones for us. Maybe this trip is starting to feel so long because he had another trip out of state just days before he left for China. It often goes that way. The chaos of parenting. A whole bunch of crazy packed into a small amount of time. I have been trying to keep rooted despite feeling so out of control. It's hard. I'm tired. My arms are falling asleep at night leaving me in painful discomfort which is keeping me up at night. I'm cranky from being so very pregnant at 35 weeks and needing to keep up a pace of activity that never seems to end.

Homework, housework, soccer practices, making costumes, bake sale, a party, religious ed, pre-school fun fair, doctor appointments, car repairs.......

Calgon take me away!

 I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm feeling tired. I'm feeling like each day is 48 hours long.

Each day I hope for the best. I strive to get as much done as possible to keep up with the week. As each day is packed full of tasks I'm trying hard to keep in mind the needs of my girl Addie. She needs my attention too. With her buzzing around while I'm so busy I'm afraid that she can get lost in my focus on the tasks. I have to remind myself to take a break. Read her a book. Go outside. Play. And she's not the only one who needs my attention. The big girls can get lost in our shuffle of busy week duties. They need my time too.

Little by little, day by day, I'm going to get through this week.


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