Brief rest and back to busy

I'm still worn out from last week. What a surprise. I guess I've underestimated my body's ability to handle so much activity. It's tough to be limited in activity when my brain wants to do so much. I know I'm in the last weeks of pregnancy when all I see are things that NEED to be done and the very LITTLE bit of time I have remaining.

I clearly am a go getter. We still have a few things to do before the final room switch can occur. The bunk bed has been up a few weeks now. Olivia loves it one bit. She took her time sorting out the clothing situation. We have had a serious disagreement about the keep and no keep piles. She was inclined to keep very little hand me downs from her older sister Leah. And I, the ever frugal mother, well I insisted that she be open to keep a few more garments. Alas it's a losing battle. I know it all too well. Those that I insist she keep will only be stuffed into the depths of the dresser to be ignored. As much as I want her to wear those shirts or pants Olivia won't. I allowed her to toss out into the donation bin those things that are just not her style. Fortunately a friend on the street is quite fond of Leah's style and eagerly took the majority of those garments. I'm glad that at least someone will put those cute clothes to use.

I have a few things to do for Adelynn. Mostly it involves moving her things into the new room she will share with Olivia. I have been weeding out her clothes every load of laundry. For as much as I want her to squeeze into those clothes I know that she has outgrown the 2T items. If some of them weren't so darn cute it wouldn't be so hard. We have bins stacked shoulder high full of clothes Adelynn has outgrown. I have been a tad behind the packing and putting away of those clothes. To the basement they go until we can find a different place to put them. She has little else that needs to be moved into the new room. That by the way is very helpful. We've had plenty of moving around of enough things to get to this point.

If only I had the desire to tackle Adelynn's closet. Most of it is my stuff. All the business clothes I haven't worn in 6 years. I suppose it is time to find them a new home. Consignment may be the best choice. Since I'll be ignoring that closet for now the only other change the room needs is the addition of the crib. After the nursery is all set we can focus on the basement. We need to stuff away Legos and other toys that are occupying the back corner of the room. Setting up a bed for Grandparents is the next big project. They will be visiting for Christmas but will likely want to arrive earlier to take advantage of all the new baby time. While the girls will be putting away their stuff I'll be working on my stuff on the opposite side of the room. I have to pack up and store properly my crafty supplies. Yarn, fabric, glitter, all types of things. I have been making a grand mess of my corner for weeks now. Some of that had to do with me crafting for my own fun and then there is the getting all of my craft projects lined up for the religious education class I teach. I can assume that this is where I will be unlikely to be complete my tasks. There are just too many other things on my mind that need to be done (and maybe a little procrastination) that I'm putting this on the bottom of my task list.


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