Swirl hat

Another pattern I discovered on Ravelry. Oh my the patterns you can find on the website. It was a simple fun knit project to do. I used a lovely shade of green hand dyed yarn from Luna Grey. I do love green. Green like this was fun to use. A great shade for a hat. The pattern was easy to follow. I enjoyed watching as the swirled ribbing took shape. I am going to make more of these hats. I think the big girls would like a hat like this one. I can see it in a good deep purple for Olivia. She needs a hat that she will wear. Do 11 year olds wear hats or is that too uncool these days? Maybe I should just focus on a Mom sized hat. I have a feeling that if I make one for me it will end up like the rest being borrowed often by the girls. I suppose that's not the worst thing to happen. Actually I do enjoy that. I love seeing how indifferent the girls are to some of the knits to only be wowed later when they get a chance to try out some of the made for mom items. Maybe that's why when people ask me what have I made for myself I can never give an answer. Those knits have been forever labeled for the kids in my mind that I forget that I could wear them too. That's the knitter's way. We keep making more knits to enjoy and we're tickled to rediscover things we made before. It's adventure at our fingertips.


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