The last month

The last month of pregnancy is always the hardest. There are many reasons for it being that way. The obvious is the size of my belly. No matter how you look at it carrying around another human is quite taxing. Comfort is harder to find as the baby continues to grow and become compacted inside. It's funny how I should be resting at night but finding a consistent amount of sleep is not what I'm getting. Trips to the bathroom and carpal tunnel in my arms has been making it difficult to get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time. Just another way nature gets you ready for a newborn.

We are about a month away until baby arrives. A crib to assemble and a toddler to fully move to a new room are the big tasks still on the to do list. I should make an effort to extract the newborn clothes bin from the depths of our basement but......that sounds like work. I know how that goes. I open the door to the storage room and gasp as I take in the disaster of toys and other junk we have shoved in there. What I need is a tall cup of coffee and some energetic kids to tackle that room. I have a feeling there are far too many things we are keeping for no good reason. Maybe we can make a path to the clothing bins and just ignore all that other stuff.


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