Cookie helper

Adelynn adores cooking. She is so eager to help that I can hardly begin working on anything before she has pulled a chair up to the counter. She has little preference in what you are cooking. She loves to be in the kitchen cooking. I can see that she is going to be our next family chef. Today she helped me make some cookie dough. The stand mixer has always fascinated her. I let her push the buttons a few times which was great in encouraging her independence

Then she became a bit too eager. Instead of a gentle push she went too hard and powdered sugar ended up all over the floor. Ooops. I love her face in the picture above. Just sums up our reaction to the sugar mess.

I never expected sugar to go so far and wide. We cleaned it up and moved on to finish that dough. She had big plans to eat all those cookies immediately. When she realized we needed to roll and cut them she decided to find another activity to do. She checked in periodically to make sure that any finished cookies would find a nice home in her tummy.


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