Noisy toys

These automated Christmas singing toys have been in use for days. Usually set off together at the same time. The noise is loud. After the 10th time they become annoying. Any longer and I am looking to toss them out the front door.

Since they were rediscovered these little toys have been in use every day. Adelynn finds them to be enchanting until they are not. She was setting them all off as usual when finally it hit her. The annoyance of their noise and her inability to shut them off. She ran around the house looking for her shoebox. Grabbing the more annoying of the toys she shoved it inside the box and kicked under the table all the while mumbling about how it needs to be quiet. I didn't expect that she would ever find the toys bothersome. I think it was very hilarious. It will also be short lived because I know she will go looking for that box in an hour and the process will start over.


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