A Tiny Tunic

I can't believe I started and finished this project in under a month's time. I have a really bad habit of starting projects setting them aside only to return to them weeks if not years later. I set a goal for myself to complete this tunic before we head out to Colorado. I may not have achieved it if not for the recent baby check up that confirmed my suspicion and is the source of my back pain. It seems that little Jane is growing very fast. Far faster than anticipated which means if I didn't get this tunic complete soon she'd very well outgrow it before it would be complete.

After considering my finished project I think that perhaps sticking to the green and yellow may have been the better color choice. Experimentation with color is best done on smaller projects. The next one I knit for Jane will be two colors perhaps something more subdued in hue. I did like extending the seed stitch hem a few extra rows. The texture adds a nice visual appeal especially when paired with a vibrant color like this yellow. Adding the extra rows was not for the design but rather to use up that small ball of butter colored yarn. I figured why waste it so added extra rows until the yarn nearly ran out.

I love the Madeline Tosh Vintage yarn. Great for children's clothing for softness and durability, an essential duo for garments intended for busy kids. Buttons. I have so many buttons that finding one can be time consuming. Jars and jars of buttons adorn my craft sideboard. Typically I'd select a simple button in a white pearl. Pretty much an universal choice for any garment. This time I decided to select something more bold. I found the perfect button to stand up to the bold colors. Although the button is hardly seen I feel better knowing it's there ready to be noticed.

Now all I need is a cute baby to model it for me. Good thing I know the perfect girl for the job.


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