Plunger anyone?

I should have become a plumber. Maybe trade school is in my future. Actually I'm not kidding. Practically speaking it may be advantageous for me to learn the art of household plumbing.

For like the 300th time the children have clogged the upstairs toilet in their bathroom. It has become a weekly problem. A terrible, lousy, stinky problem. I have no idea why. Really, how often can 3 girls clog up a toilet? Far, far, too many times. For the past three days the toilet has been out of service. Of course the other issue is that NO ONE happens to mention that the toilet has become hopelessly clogged. Never mind that their bathroom has been a consistent epic mess. Basically the place needs to be condemned.

Keith tried to clear it. No go. We've decided to take the wait and are approach. Today day four I went in. Gloves, mega plunger, toilet brush, and bleach. After doing the awful fishing out part I was becoming more irritated. I decided that if I got that toilet to flush that those children of mine are going to have to endure some sort of forced colon cleanse. Good grief that was terrible. Obstruction removed, plunger activated, finally the toilet flushed.

Sweet relief! The air certainly was sweeter. I thoroughly sanitized the place. Kept the door open and asked the toilet to behave itself.

I feel like I need to make a sign reminding them that it's ok to flush a few times during their long involved BM time in the bathroom. AND they are going to be getting some serious mega doses of FIBER to help them out. If not for their sake then at least for the sake of our plumbing. You know it's funny. I remember someone saying to me a long time ago that motherhood will make you obsess about poop. Indeed. First its diapering, then potty training, and now it's all about keeping the toilets working.


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