Adventures in eating

Culinary adventure is around every corner in the life of a three year old. From atypical parings to things off the floor it has been quite an experience. Watching Adelynn finish her breakfast Sunday midmorning was more of an adventure for us as observers. First of all Adelynn's appetite has dwindled. She has taken up residence in the land of picky eaters. It's frustrating for me most of all since she has never been particular before. She was always good about eating her meals. Now we hope she takes three bites. It's all about comfortable foods. Those items that are familiar. Translation: the same things every week.

While I know that I can not force her to vary her diet I can try to get her to diverge a little bit. So far I've had little luck with that plan. All I do is sigh and hope for a better try for the next meal. We have survived the reigning champion of picky eaters in Leah. She ate so few things that I seriously considered her fate to be that of a malnourished child. She did not end up being malnourished but I sure felt significant grief when it came to meal time. By the way Leah has now become all too willing to eat adventurously. That's what teen years can do for your child.

So back to Adelynn. She was picking at her plate trying to decide what to eat. I was hopeful of ANY food to get inside her body. It was Olivia who was shocked by Adelynn's food combination. Can I say that it takes a fair bit to get Olivia's attention. She's how shall we bizarre. Olivia watched Adelynn eat and remarked "I eat some sick stuff** but that's disgusting!"

All of our eyes went to Adelynn. On her plate she had hash brown potatoes, a dollop of ketchup, 5 white grapes, shredded cheddar cheese, and some scrambled eggs. She had eaten most of the cheese, one bite of eggs, and drank most of her OJ. At that moment she was eating her grapes with.......ketchup. Happily she dipped each grape in a generous smothering of ketchup. Disgusting, revolting, whatever. She was eating and that's all I wanted to see. I did make a mental note to NOT serve grapes and ketchup together again, I mean, we do have to have standards around here even for this mid-western girl turned mom.

**Some of the "sick stuff" Olivia enjoys:

Ranch dressing with brownies
Doritos with chocolate chip cookies
Oreos with dill pickles and the remaining juice
Peanut butter and Dorito jelly sandwiches


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