On the mend

Ours is a house of plague.

Not really.

Well maybe.

Not the real plague...that would be weird. It's the crud. The creepy kind that slinks in and takes a hold of you one by one. This is the last thing I wanted to endure with a newborn. I'm working hard to prevent any more germy germs from taking down another person. Ultimately we are hoping that Jane remains illness free. Being so small she is the one that needs to be healthy.

Hydration. Chicken noodle soup. Rest. All things that have been a part of our daily lives. The only problem is that this Mom of steel is starting to feel that crud creeping in me. I'm a fighter. I have to be for the sake of little Jane and the rest of the crew. The fridge is full of soup, plenty of veg and fruit, and everyone is on high hand washing alert. We are going to spend the weekend resting up.


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