Apple Froggies

These little guys are on their way to preschool. It's green day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day so we made some apple and grape frogs.  I followed the example from the What to Expect website. A Leap Day Twist snack.  Due to allergies we chose to use marshmallows and blue food coloring for eyes. Frosting or cream cheese would have been so much easier but the marshmallows were a great substitute.

 They turned out darn cute. I added some pretzels rods for logs and extra grapes. I included some key lime cream cheese fruit dip to dip those apples into. Plus knowing those kids I sent in the rest of the sack of mini marshmallows. The kids loved it. An easy snack to prepare with a big wow reaction. If choose to serve this at home I'd add some peanut butter, carmel, or chocolate dip for the Granny Smith apples. Those green apples are tart and do need something to cut that sharpness. I think the big girls had more fun helping me make them. I dare say that even big kids would like to have this for a snack. Leah was hoping to take one to school for lunch! I love that! 


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