Needing Rhythm

The time change has not affected us as terribly as I expected. Jane still found herself being tired around 8pm. Adelynn still resists falling asleep keeping up late night conversations with her toys well past 10pm at night. We just can't win with that spunky gal. She is so, so, so tired by 8pm every night but manages to find an endless amount of energy to keep her wide awake well past the 9pm tucked in time. Nap or not she will do the same. It must be something of her own rhythm that needs to be satisfied before sleep will come to her. The big girls are not pleased to wake before the sun rises. I tell them it won't be long until the sun catches up to their alarm clock. Yet they look at me as if I were crazy. Saying that to a weary teen and pre-teen does not help. If you ask me it's more of a case of the late night owlies that need to be adjusted. We had so many snow days that January was nearly an extra winter break. I know many mothers who were beside themselves with the chaos of school children being home. I was not one of them. I relished those days. It meant more time with the girls playing together and an extra two sets of hands to help me with the smallest girls. Adelynn loved having her sisters home. She adores them. They had such adventures building tents, painting, and dressing up it was a good time to be together. I admit I may have gotten a bit weepy at times as I realized that my biggest girl will be home with us for 4 more years. 4! Where has the time gone? College in 4 years! Wasn't she just in second grade? Longfellow's words come to mind "Art is long and Time is fleeting…"*

Speaking of owls we have one that has been hunting outside my window around 2am every night. I hear its hoot while I nurse Jane. Before you ask yourself I'll tell you that no, I haven't an idea as to the species of owl. Likely the same that has been lurking around our property for the past 7 years. When I have the time (ha!) and wakefulness I will try to decipher its hoot to narrow down the type of owl. My best guess is that it is a Great Horned Owl. Very common in our area and they tend to prefer living in a  forest with streams or ponds in proximity to cropland. We hear these owls year round. I'd love to catch a sight of one. This is the best time to find them in the trees before leaves begin to mask their location. I'll aim for a weekend night for my owl adventure and perhaps then I can enlist the help of my bird loving Leah to seek the elusive bird.

The biggest challenge I'm encountering is the dreaded teething. Poor sweet Jane has been teething for the past two weeks. She is in such discomfort. Many hours are spent whimpering as she tries to find relief from those teeth. We have been using ibuprofen on the worst of days and nights. I try to avoid medicating the children unless it is needed especially when they are very young. Her Baltic amber teething necklace has offered some relief but the necklace can only do so much to reduce pain. Chewing, drinking plenty of fluids, and distraction has been the method of dealing with her discomfort. This is the chief reason why I am eager for warmer days. Just getting outdoors always seems to change the demeanor of my children. A late morning walk will be a welcome addition to our days.

The days are growing longer a welcome sign that Spring is near. I am very fond of winter with snow but I am also eager to get outside in that sunshine. We need to get outdoors. Being cooped up inside for all these weeks has me feeling anxious to enjoy everything spring has to offer. The new season means we'll find a new daily rhythm. I am looking forward to morning walks to the park or even the stream. The stream would be an adventure indeed as it is a fair bit away but we can always pack a lunch and hope that the need for a potty won't happen until we return. Then again that means I'd need to walk faster! A picnic. A spring time picnic that does sound delightful.

*From Henry Wadsworth Longfellow his A Psalm of Life poem.


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