Planning ahead

I have been wanting to make some things for the girls for Easter. Something handmade to out in their baskets. I had a few ideas. Something sewn or painted. Then I decided to stick with knitting.

I am going to regret it.

Even with 2 half finished items I'm not sure I can get it all complete. I need so much more time to get the one project for my biggest girl complete. I can not panic yet. I have several weeks to go before it becomes an issue. It's just that with my little Jane needing to be held all the time I have so little time to use both arms. I may have to sneak in some very late night knitting. Oh my do I not like to give up sleep. Not just regular 'ol sleep. The you'll never know it you'll get any sleep type of sleep. Jane is still young enough to decide that tonight is the night to stay up all night long for no good reason. That's gamboling sleep. I'm too chicken to gambol.

Chicken or not I'll need to gambol 1-2 nights a week just to get ahead a little. I have some headway to gain in Leah's gift. Plenty of knitting to go before I can get to making the little guy. Jane's and Adelynn's pieces are done. I need to add some details to the pieces then sew them together. I have to make something for Olivia. I can make the same as Jane's or create something else for Olivia. Time is the issue. I need to consider the ideas I have before pressing on to a new project. Jane's project was super quick to make with little effort. It's very much the item I'd prefer to make but not quite the gift for Olivia. I planned on making something particular to them. We'll see. I may end up getting this finished and surprising many of us.


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