Winter Spring Day

The calendar says spring but the weather says winter. The snow falling outs tide was supposed to be rain. Then it was supposed to be sleet and then well, they just came out with it: snow. Sure another snow storm. Whoop de doo. It was predicted to be faint, just a dusting they said, but we all knew it would be more.

And so it is.

Snowing since 8am the storm is proving to be far more hefty than necessary. School thankfully was not cancelled although now I wonder if that will cause some sort of insanity for parents who feel that children should not experience weather. Me. I enjoy snow Adelynn too. She was so pleased to wake up to snow and waffles. Maybe the combination was key either way she's my winter girl. She wants to play outside to build her a snowman, snow house, and every thing else. If only we had the time.

The birds are busy keeping fed but without our full feeders. I just didn't feel the need to buy more bird seed when the calendar says spring. They are scraping for the last bits and cheerfully so. I'm glad to see that the snow has not deterred them any. It may look like winter but it sounds like spring. Chirping can be heard all around those woods. Even the birds are telling nature they have decided spring is here.

I'm trying hard to get Jane to feel comfortable sleeping alone. At night she's fine. Thank goodness. So totally grateful for that blessing. It's the day time that is a problem. She will not sleep alone save the carseat. She will sleep about 20 minutes in her crib or bassinet. Then we go through the "I'm so tired and lonely you will have to hold me while I sleep" fit until she gets back to sleep and start all over again. Usually I give up. I can't take the screaming. She does enough due to teething that any more is making me bonkers. Adelynn was not a fan of the crib but I could get her to sleep in the bassinet for an hour or two each day. That was so helpful. That meant laundry, dishes, finances, cleaning, chores in general. I was able to get some things done. Not this time. Jane is set on being held all the time. I know, I know, I will cry for these days to be back but really that does not comfort me. I have a household to run and a three year old who needs my attention too. An hour a day would be a welcome break for my sanity. There is no magic way to solve this problem other than pushing through it. I will forgo the bassinet during the day. I need Jane in her crib so we'll have to cry it out nap after nap until I prevail. Too bad she's far cuter and louder than me.


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