This girl is….

Vibrant, full of everything cheerful. Adelynn has been reminding me about the fantasticalness of being three. Being three is mostly about having plenty of energy to keep busy all day long. Some days I wonder how will I ever keep up with her.

On one of those overwhelming days I needed a different distraction for Adelynn. The truth is I needed her to stay in her room and attempt to take a nap. I knew Adelynn taking a nap that day was an impossibility. Rather than fight her I decided to find a way to keep her in her room. Taking her bed sheet and some clothes pins I made a tent. An easy tent. I clipped her bed sheet to the top bunk sheets. The tent was complete in mere minutes. The perfect distraction for my busy Adelynn. Although she did not nap the tent kept her busy long enough for me to spend more time comforting Jane.

A few weeks later that tent still remains. Adelynn prefers it being up all the time. I was surprised that she'd tolerate it at night. Funny girl.

Other things she is doing these days:
sleeps with hands folded by her face
enjoys Dr. Seuss stories
playing with oatmeal and berries
decided that she is big enough to take baths in the big soaking tub
favorite toy is brown kitty
needs sunglasses
wears her princess shoes and curtsies often
may be loving her sister Jane to bits
always asking "Where are you Mommy!"
always greeting Jane with "Hi little baby"
wearing her baby blanket as a cape to be Elsa


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