Baby Chef

When you let your three year old keep the baby busy for minute while you unload groceries from the van you will be in for a surprise. I have to admit that I was not very focused.

I must have come in and out a few times before I really looked. Adelynn kept saying "Presenting baby chef" over and over and I just kept working on unloading those groceries.

 I'm a level 4 mom. Unless the baby is crying I assume all is generally well. Clearly there was some sort of game going on since Jane was completely pleased to be wearing that paper sack on her head. All giggles and wiggles she was having a grand time playing chef with Adelynn. A wonderful laugh indeed was had by me. I can see these two are going to be quite a pair. 

After the big girls returned home from school Adelynn and I went to the farm to pick up our CSA share. This time of year strawberries are always the star. If only our rhubarb plants were ready to harvest. Adelynn was eager to eat them up instantly. I managed to slow her down just enough to get her to model the gorgeous strawberries. Oh my these were fantastic. Have I told you how much I adore local produce. Love it! We are incredibly grateful for being in a location where an abundance of hard working farmers are willing to share their talents feeding local families. I love farmers!


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