Tartine Nicoise

I don't know about you but I've been craving eggs. Lots of them. Maybe it has to do with our CSA share including a dozen of the most beautiful eggs. I'm searching for ways to eat more eggs. We usually have a few hard boiled in the fridge for easy snacking. Then there's the other thing I am craving: a decent meal. With my fussy baby always needing to be held my meals during the day consist of little nutritional value ( donuts, toast, muffins, oh stupid carbs I don't need) making me feel so out of touch with my food. I began to reminisce about our trip to Paris last year. The food there was of course amazing. Simple but wonderful. I'm in awe of the French kitchen. thinking about how we ate well but simply has been on my mind. Open faced sandwiches are huge there. Tartines. I forgot about how easy they are to make. With little knowledge or guidance I tried to recreate one we saw served. It was a tuna and egg based tartine. Perhaps it would be a Nicoise style. At any rate it seemed easy enough and my body was craving something similar. I decided to make one my way.

I toasted a slice of the whole grain bread from our local market. While the egg was frying in butter of course I opened a can of tuna. To make it more hearty I use an oil packed tuna. Once the bread was toasted I topped it with some of the lettuce greens from our CSA box. I sprinkled about half the canned tuna over the greens. I gently placed the fried egg on top. A little salt, black pepper, and paprika for taste.

It was so filling. So delicious. What a great lunch. I think I may have a new addiction.


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