L I V I N'

What have I been doing? Everything. Nothing. Too much. They are all good enough descriptions of essentially being busy. So very busy. May in our family is one of chaos.  Of course there are the 3 birthdays plus Mother's Day for celebrating, and soccer tournaments, but add in all the end of the school year events and woooo it's just overwhelming.

We managed to get through it all in relative sanity. So here we are in the closing half of June with summer knocking on our door. School was extended 2 days to account for our super snowy winter. Pretty much January was a wash for open school days. I am glad that our county had the forethought to account for an extra 5 days of school every year to be ready for winters like we experienced. Even with that bank we need to make up a bit more. I find it funny that my kids' internal clocks were on summer time a day early. We all slept through our alarm clocks Wednesday. Leah managed to race out the door to the bus stop in time but Olivia needed me to drop her off at school. I can't believe we made it through 99.9% of the school year to oversleep on the second to last day. That will be a great family story to tell for years.

Adelynn has been begging to go back to Froggie school. She has missed her pre-school dearly. She loves school so much I guess I never realized it until this week. Camps offered at her school are over and I was a fool for not signing her up for any to them. I'll have to make an effort to take up to school for the weekly playground meet ups. I think that may help her feel more connected to her schoolmates. I know she will be so happy to return to her school in August. I must admit I will be too. She always had so much to tell me about her days, the art she made, songs she learned, how much she loves her teachers. She enjoyed it every day. A social girl like her needs to be surrounded by people her own age.

We are on the cusp of a potentially life changing moment for our family. Needless to say that is stressing me out because there will be plenty of "what ifs" and waiting. If this happens that means tons more work to do in a short time frame. It can be a good thing but it's not something we are taking lightly. Bottom line it would end up being a BIG change for us all.

Despite that thing that seems to occupy my thoughts I'm trying to get this family ready for a well needed vacation. We are going to meet up with some family down south for a little beach time. I can't wait. I love the ocean and look forward to our trips to any coastline. After that trip a few days later, because why not cram it all in at once, I'll be taking the kids north to see my family. I'm looking forward to that trip too. Still the stress of packing and driving does not let me sleep well at night. That paired with teething Jane and it's just plain restless nights for me. I remind myself that the pain of back to back travel is not good but that afterward we'll have the rest of the summer to be home and enjoy pool time or any other fun. The girls are making lists of what they want to do so that we can have fun goals. Maybe we'll get lucky and have some great sunny days.

Until then I've got plenty to do. June truly is a busy month.


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