Injured again

Well I've got to hand it to my girl, Olivia, she does know how to make life interesting for her dear mother. Another trip concludes with another injury.

Did she get hurt at soccer camp in South Bend? No. She was fine some other girl was sent to the hospital for a concussion.

Did she wreck her bike? No. No sort of accident on wheels.

Did she fall off something? No. Nothing that crazy.

As far as the surgeon could say it was likely an infected bug bite.

A bug bite infection so severe that it required a surgeon to cut open her tiny leg and do horrible things that I care not to remember again. While I restrained her I myself had to keep it together seeing the procedure. After thoroughly searching in her leg for any imbedded insect, which I think was a possibility, her wound was packed and wrapped. A few days of rest and keeping it clean did wonders. Her infection cleared removing swelling and redness.

This poor kid sure has had an interesting 12 months..which are not really concluded since the first injury occurred in late November. Oh my. What will be next I wonder?


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