Saturday morning in Dayton

We went to cheer on the Mister at the 5k race for the Dayton Dragons. Afterward I took some pictures of the old buildings. Each time we visit the downtown area I am reminded of how much fantastic old architecture is there to capture.

 So much. I could devote a good week to exploring some of those areas. Every year I tell myself I am going to head downtown to take pictures. I never do. In my head it's easy. I walk with a camera stopping to capture what catches my eye. The reality is I have four children and there is not an easy way to go around town taking pictures of run down buildings with little kids following you around.

Each time I'm visiting Dayton I will always bring my camera because I never know what will inspire me to capture that image. I did a quick walk from 5/3 Ball park to our parked car a block away. In that little distance I was able to get a decent set of images. In addition I longed to visit the inside of St. Joseph's Catholic church. Considering the early time and the not so great neighborhood I assumed the doors to be locked. Another thing to add to my to do list.

What I realized about this hollow shell of a town is many things. One is a deeper love for my family's home town. This is the place my great grand parents settled. In the shadows of the still standing buildings I see the images of the past. Beauty, hope, prestige, success. All things that made this midwestern town a great place to raise a family. Despite all that once was I am saddened to see what remains. A town trying desperately hard to keep from disappearing. A town full of hard working good people who just can't seem to leave their beloved city. 

Hours. I could spend hours capturing the lesser know corners of downtown. The corners filled with every day beauty. Reminders of the past people who devoted their lives to making Dayton a great city. One of the greatest blue collar cultured towns I know.


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