A roast before school

Our 2nd annual the day before school starts weenie roast was a hit. Our kids have been doing this as a tradition for 7 years. It's a nice little event that started long ago when Keith's parents decided to do something fun before the school year began.

It was a warm day the food was typical. The kids and parents ate with gusto and had wonderful conversation. Even the baby was hungry!

The two buddies found a "tree house" to play in.

We even had time to fish. This year was a success! Everyone caught a fish. Although they only caught some blue gills it was still so great to see them enjoying the sport.

While back at the camp site the little ones found the perfect place to sit. Jane loved the chair but it didn't last long. When we got home everyone was ready to get to bed and start the new school year. I love that we have begun to start this tradition with our dear friends.


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