Magenta vest

I began knitting this vest over the summer. The Tiny Trees Vest looked like the quick project I needed to try. I had lofty goals to have it done quickly after I cast on way back in mid-July. It was an easy knit which is what I wanted for a nice baby gift. The vest went quickly until the straps which required some pondering.

Turns out that the pattern was pretty easy except for the straps. The pattern calls for too long straps so I recommend measuring often to keep them from getting too long. Also I didn't like the author's choice in attaching them to the back portion of the vest. The Kitchener stitch is not a favorite of mine. I used that method for one strap but didn't like it much. I opted for the 3 needle bind off for the second strap. The three needle bind off is not visible but far sturdier for wear and tear. If I make another vest I'll look into alternative methods of grafting.

The pattern is for a 0-3 months infant. Jane is here modeling this quite nearly 11 months old. Overall it was just as well the gift ended up being a bust. Jane needed a nice winter vest to keep her warm. I'll need to make some other vests to add to Jane's wardrobe. As for the baby this vest was intended? Well once I determined the vest was not the gift I chose to knit  something else for that baby. 


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