Pumpkins, Corn, Cows, Dirt, and Fun

Adelynn's school field trip to a dairy farm turned out to be fun for everyone. While Adelynn was busy learning all about dairy cows and the other farm animals Jane and I were able to keep ourselves busy looking at pumpkins. I was the crazy lady who let her ten month old crawl around on the ground. For the first part of the morning Jane was in my Ergo carrier. There she stayed while we looked at animals. After seeing all the children running around she became too squirmy which told me she needed to get off my back for the stretch out time. While other moms thought me crazy I knew it was worth the dirt. She didn't eat much….I'm kidding. Sort of. Still the fact remains babies need to explore. Her being outside inspecting things for herself is the best way for her to learn how to keep busy. Once she set her eyes on the pumpkins she was on a mission to figure out those strange things.

 Jane was perfectly happy sitting with her pumpkins. I think she was talking to this one. I wonder what she had to say? I found a tiny pumpkin patch by the outdoor classroom. Jane went right over to the pumpkins. She found a great sized pumpkin for rolling. In that patch was some corn. I wasn't sure how she'd feel about it since the textures are very different.

When she discovered the corn, well, then that was her item to hang on to. Before we left I had to struggle to remove it from her hands. The result was an unhappy baby. I guess we'll need to get some for our yard to let her explore it some more. Seeing how entertained she was with a pumpkin and corn I realized that long ago babies had all the toys they needed surrounding them. It was great for me having Jane be so busy. Playing in the grass with her new found toys she watched as all the kids ran around playing. This gave Adelynn plenty of time to scoot around the field exploring the play areas.

I didn't get much of an opportunity catching Adelynn. I knew she was busy playing with her friends on a perfect sunny day. I did manage to capture a few pictures of her. I think she found the smallest pumpkins in that patch. Oh my girl and her small pumpkins.

I guess the small sizes worked best as Jane was fond of holding them for us. Harvest days just happen to be some of my favorite of the year. Warm fall days outside just makes me happy.


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