Last warm fall day

The warm sunny day called us outside. With little to do for the day it just seemed right to go play in the dirt. Adelynn and Jane found themselves in the vegetable garden. 

All that dirt needed to be bothered by these sweet curious girls.

Jane found the rocks helpful for her practice standing. She was very interested in the plants still managing to hold tight to the last warm sun of the season.

While the little ones were busy digging I decided to do my own digging. That horseradish has been taking over my herb garden all season. It was time I dug it up….for good. Oh I hope for good. We've been digging it up for 2 seasons and still it manages to return.

 I dug deep to get as much as the root as possible but even I am skeptical that it will not return. The root is thick and deep. All I can do at this point it keep digging it up. So now with plenty of organic horseradish I need to find a use for it. All I can think of to do with it is grate it up and keep it in the fridge for pot roast.

We ended up taking a short walk. Adelynn insisted on taking her cat for a stroll. Which was cute but exhausting. She abandoned her kitty a few times when she was distracted with something or other on the ground. I daresay this truly was the last warm day of fall. Days like this are such a treasure.


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