Some tailgating and a ND game

We began by tailgating at the game. Only 1/4 of the kids were excited. We had plenty of warm food. Oh that wind. It was fierce. We managed to stay warm in the van with a space heater and plenty of blankets. 

Jane stayed awake long enough to see the Irish take the field and get the first touchdown but she faded quickly. Keith held her the whole game. I kept Adelynn busy walking up to the concourse level about 100 times.

We held out to nearly the end of the 4th quarter. After all that cannon fire Jane finally woke up and was ready to go to bed. We rushed back to the car before the last minutes of the game. Tucked warmly in the van we listened to the last of the game. Irish took the victory over Navy. It was a great first game for the kids. We plan to try it again but maybe next time with a warmer game.


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