A little something

So the thing is there are a bunch of ladies having babies. It's a great thing indeed but boy howdy it is keeping me busy. I have what seems to be an outstanding amount of baby delights on my needles these days. We have a few new babies in the family coming along later this year. Then there are all of my friends. Oh such joy in seeing their families grow.

My friend just gave birth to her fourth child, a girl, about 3 weeks ago. This little beauty was a tad early but we aren't complaining because she was eagerly greeted by her three big brothers. The princess arrived and they can't get enough of her delicate gentleness. My friend is over the moon excited to have a little girl bring some well needed pink into that house of men. I can say without a doubt this little baby girl will be the delight of her brothers. I can't wait to see more of her. I dropped off a meal to the family on Monday. What a sweet girl she is! Oh such smallness of a newborn. I have forgotten the bliss of a tiny baby. I was hoping that the gift would be done before then but it has been a busy month around here. I told my friend that her daughter's gift would be a few weeks off yet. Oh my sweet friend so eager to know what I'm up to! I just described it as a "little something" for a girl. That may have only made her more curious! Since I was still finishing other baby gifts this little girl's "little something" was put off now I can focus on this "little something" to get it complete.

About the gift. Of course I selected pink yarn! For heaven's sake this is the only girl in a house of boys she needs to start throwing around a little femininity. I'm using Lambspun's Baby llama hits. It's a great yarn with a little sparkle perfect for a little baby girl. I chose to go ahead and make another In Threes for baby girl. Usually I try to find something else to make but this little cardigan seems to be a bit hit these days with the Mamas out there. Since my friend really loved Jane's Threes I thought this has to be the gift for her little girl. 

Meanwhile I'm working as fast as I can on this "little something" until it's done. Everything else is lined up ready to go for the next little baby. I've got one confirmed boy, and three mystery babies yet to go. We'll see if their parents will let me in on their sex so that maybe I can select something more personal for those babies. 

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