A story about another Tunic

The once was a friend who's baby girl was due to arrive in late December. She was the sort of friend that loved hand made knits for her babies. So this lady here decided to make a lovely gift for that winter baby. The June summer heat was a far 2 seasons away from those cold winter days. I knew that a winter baby needed something warm to layer over their clothing. A warm woolen delight.

Just the thing would be a cute vest. So a pattern was discovered and a knitting I went. Then one hot July day in the car riding home from a far away soccer game I realized the vest pattern was not the gift for this little baby girl. I may have cursed a little working on those straps. It was a nice pattern which I covered here: Magenta Vest Then I thought "well maybe I can just make another now that I know how to make this vest" but the rational part of my brain kicked in and reminded me that I was delusional to think this vest was the gift for little baby C. 

Anyhow I decided that Jane needed a vest of her own so ta-da one more knitting thing off my to do list.  Which left me still needing a baby gift. I thought "hey I could finish that purple cardigan that I started for that other baby girl with a C name" but that didn't last long since I became pretty attached to it myself for my Lady Jane that I made myself move forward. 

Instead of trying to find something new to knit I went to my favorite baby girl gift the Emma Tunic in Teeny size. I am familiar with the pattern which means I can just set to work. I knew that I can make it fast that it will turn out just perfect and not require any cursing for completion. I knew I had the perfect yarn (Madeline Tosh Vintage thyme) to make the tunic so I set to work in October. I got half way done and realized I did not have enough yarn in the lovely green color. Oh the agony! I thought I had another skein but that unfortunately turned out to be a similar Madeline Tosh Merino yarn but in a darker version of the Thyme green. I pondered making stripes using other MT colors but decided to keep this dress to a simple two color design. I abandoned that Thyme tunic to start another. I went back to my stash seeking some Madeline Tosh Vintage. I found a good deal of the Well Water color which was the one I felt was the best choice for this little baby.

I set to work. The tunic is such a great little knit. I find it to be a fun little garment to make. I may just knit up some of these using my leftover MT Vintage to have on hand for gifting. So with this tunic I knit the 0-6 month size. Using MT makes it a little larger. I used a coconut shell button. It's one of the many samples that my cousin sent me from her big name clothing company. I've been wanting to use those adorable buttons for something.

Now that this is done and in the hands of that little baby C I need to finish the former so it's not forgotten. I do have another friend's baby girl who was born last week that needs a warm hand knit. I'll need to check around and see if I can get another skein to finish the Thyme tunic.

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